"Misheli" for the lone soldier released

מישלי מעטפת שירותים לחייל הבודד המשוחרר

The Misheli program was started in March 2018 with the goal of providing solutions to the daily problems faced by Lone Soldiers once they complete their national service.

By doing so, we hope to help these fine young people build their professional and family lives in Israel.

Specifically, we help Lone Soldiers with the following once they complete their army service:

  • Solve their housing problem.

  • Find employment.

  • Help provide equipment such as beds, appliances, utensils, linens, etc. in their new homes.

  • Legal assistance if needed.

  • Career and educational guidance.

  • Exercising rights in government ministries and associations

  • Stipends and grants to help them pursue educational opportunities.

  • Other legal rights they have for government support.

  • Psychological treatments

  • Mental health support.

  • Over 100 volunteers nationwide from the field of social work, personal trainers, lawyers, teachers, bankers and more

  • Group events.

  • Transportation

  • A network of over 100 volunteers throughout Israel (Social workers, personal trainers, lawyers, teachers, bankers and more).

  • Food baskets for those in need.

  • Moving and relocation.

  • Opportunities to get involved in projects directed by the Kibbutz Movement and Youth Movement.

  • Help master their own financial affairs.

  • Private lessons in a variety of subjects.

More information on "MISHELI" website