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About Snir Association

The Snir Association was created in 2010 and from that day forward our mission has been to assist less fortunate people in Israel in many ways such as equal opportunity in education, financial assistance for rent, utility bills, groceries and more.

We also provide professional guidance free of charge to distressed families facing legal, medical, financial, dental or other challenges. This is accomplished by our network of volunteers who are professionals in these areas.

The Snir Association is lead by young professionals who see their involvement in Snir as one of the most important parts of their lives. The Snir Association leadership strives to help the less priviledged in Israel now and in generations to come with the help of current and future volunteers.

Our Vision

The Snir Association will help people from lower socio-economic levels within Israel. We will help strengthen their the emotional, educational, social, and  cultural development. We will help needy people and their families in an effort to help them achieve their utmost potential in life. 

Our Model

  • Our volunteers personally confirm each request for assistance from the Association by physically  visiting each family in distress.  Only after we confirm that the family is facing an emergency we go to work and help in any way we can.  All of our aid is provided from volunteers and there is never a charge for our services.   We work tirelessly until we help the family solve it’s problem as best as possible.

  • Over the years, the Association has opened and managed 30 WhatsApp groups called “The Angels of Snir”. The participants of these groups include Natalie Dadon, Sigal Sachmon, Ruth Assaf, Rami Gershon, Noah Beni, Shavit Weisel, Yael Nizri, Anya Bookstein, Marina Maximilan,  Elanit Levi, Reif Neiman, Meli Levi and Shimon Gershon, Lucy Duvnichik, Kobi Apello, Nir Davori, Jody Nir Moses, Tsipi Raphaeli, Adva Dadon, Yoni Livzon, Moki, Maggie, Tavivi, Yarden Harel, and many other business people, media executives, education specialists, and many other wonderful people.

  • 11 WhatsApp groups of “Snir’s Angels” that focus on providing direct assistance.

  • 2 WhatsApp groups of “Snir’s Angels” focused on “Yad 2”.  These people search for people willing to donate furninture, appliances and other items so desperately needed by our families in crisis.

  • 2 WhatsApp groups of “Snir’s Angels” to help French Speaking families in need and one What’sAPP group to help English Speaking families.

  • 1 WhatsApp group called “Working Angels” that shares job opportunities with people we are trying to find work for.

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