Management Members

Chairman of the Board

Nir Shmol | Real estate businessman

The general manager of the association

Einat Oshri


Members of the Board of Directors

Yoav Plato-Sharon | Attorney and real estate developer.

Ziv Gafni | CPA and fintech manager of Bank Hapoalim.

Moti Azulai Lighthouse Improvement Companies Senior strategic consultant for commercial companies.

Uncle Najmi Co-CEO NatamInvest.

Ariel Weinbach Businessman and real estate entrepreneur in Israel and abroad.

Itamar Pitel Marketing and business development.

Yaakov Amsalem Founder of the association.

Avi Lalom | Member of the National Council in the Bureau of Advocates and head of the law firm Avraham Leum & Co.

Pearl Blade Member of the Board of Directors.

Elior Bird Creative Director.

Comet Wiesel Former beauty queen.

Orly wrote CEO and owner Orly has written PR and media consulting.

Michal Bar and | Owner and CEO of Bar-On Group, financing solutions, capital investments and financial strategy.

Guy Elias | CEO of Kardan NV

Sagi Yona Chief Financial Officer.

Dror Zeida Co-founder of Eleos Health and product manager at the company.

Eyal Vardi Business consultant.


The Audit Committee

Pine opposite

Roy Shulman


Legal Counsel

Adv. Yoav Plato-Sharon



CPA David Jerby


Association members

Liron Leibman Opposite Vice President of Snir.

Lilach Henig | Member of the board of directors and one of the founders of the association.

Latin Assaf Family Advocate.

Liz Zigdon