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Snir’s Angels

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Volunteering is the highest ideal of the Snir Foundation and our volunteers are the heart of what we do.   We train and organize our volunteers so they are effective and helpful when they meet with people who request assistance.  Our volunteers confirm that these people do actually have a dire need for help and respond accordingly.

Join Us!   Volunteer with the Snir Foundation !

In order to volunteer with our foundation, please fill out this form.

Snir’s Angels on WhatsApp

Snir’s Angeles are wonderful human beings who just want to help others in any way they can.  We largely accomplish this through the WhatsApp groups which are managed by the foundation’s leaders.


Individual volunteers first  meet with the people in need.  We need to get first hand knowledge of what the person’s situation is to be sure they need our help.

Then, the individual volunteer  discusses how best to help these people within the WhatsApp group.

Each “Snir’s Angels” group is made up of people from various walks of life with different areas of expertise and/or ability to assist.   Members include business executives, journalists, entertainment professionals and more.

You can join one of our What’sApp groups as long as there is an opening. Please only join one group:

Snir's Angels | Snir's Angels 2

Snir's Angels 3 | Snir's Angels 4

Snir's Angels 5 | Snir's Angels 6

Snir's Angels 7 | Snir's Angels 8

Snir's Angels 10 | Snir's Angels 11

snir's Angels 12

If you’d like to donate furniture, baby equipment, electrical appliances etc, please join one of these groups:

Angels Give 1 | Angels Give 2

To advertise job openings or to find a job, please join one of these two groups:

Working Angels | Working Angels 2

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